Ferguson is a Distraction For This Machiavellian Move Now Being Implemented by the Government: Obama Phones, Obama Care, and Now Obama… You Have To Read This!

Lisa Haven News


As Ferguson protest light up Obama seizes the opportunity to push amnesty on Immigration “reform.” First it was Obama phones, then it was Obamacare, now its Obama Immigration reform law?  Good grief haven’t we had enough of this guy already!

Obamas expected amnesty will cause hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of illegal’s to pour into the U.S. and as a result our country will be brought to its knees as illegal immigrants take our jobs and bust our economy. There is nothing wrong with the illegal’s themselves but history proves that once we let in anyone and everyone, it will implode the economy wiping out the middle class. Which we all know is the goal of the Obama administration.

If we look to Europe’s immigration problem they have many issues. One big issues facing the area currently is the fact that Islamic extremists have invaded the country and took…

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